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Lyall Bay TKD Now open - Classes Tuesday & Thursday nights from 6pm


Welcome to Lyall Bay Taekwon-Do

Lyall Bay TKD

Lyall Bay TKD is new club opening on Tuesday July 21st 2020 and taught by Instructor Duane Meek IV (4th Dan). We offer classes for school age children, teenagers and adults alike. Whether you're wanting to get fit, gain self-confidence, learn self-defence or just interested in learning a martial art while making great new friends then contact us now to get started.

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Membership Cost

Monthly Fees

Juniors (7-11 years)


Seniors (Children 12+ & Adults)

Monthly Fees

2 students from the same family

$35 each
Monthly Fees

3 or more students from the same family

$90 maximum total


Joining Fee

This is a one off inital fee (varies depending on age) at the time of joining in order to register with iTKD which is our national body. This allows for administration and development costs within the organisation and also allows students to be eligable to register for events such tournaments and gradings. Students also receive a quarterly magazine, as well as syllabus material, to help them grade.

$50-90 per Individual

Max $111 per Family
Annual Renewal

This is an annual fee to renew membership with iTKD and usually paid at the beginning of each year.

~$40 per Indivdual

~$70 per Family


Dobok (Uniform)

A training uniform (dobok in Korean) is not necessary to start with but students will need one before grading or entering tournaments. Prices vary between suppliers and depending on age and size. See below for a link to approved supplier's websites:

Click here for approved suppliers
Grading and Tournament Fees

Students wishing to grade or enter tournaments will be required to pay a one off fee. This can vary depending on the event and rank of the student, but Gup (coloured belt) gradings are usually $55-75 depending on rank. Note that there is also a discount usually offered for members of the same family

$ varies
Other Costs

Other potential costs may include items such as sparring gear should students wish to compete in sparring events at tournaments. Note that competing is purely optional.

$ varies